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The U.S. steel industry calls to raise import tariffs

Views:0     Author:Alice     Publish Time: 2020-02-15      Origin:Site

On February 3, according to media reports, the iron ore enterprises cliff natural resources (CLF) plan to join the United States steel business alliance, called on the us government to raise import tariffs on steel, to cope with low oil prices on the impact of the U.S. steel industry.
Due to the international oil prices falling, the oil and gas companies cut back on the past used to transport oil steel pipe order, resulting in the U.S. steelmakers steel pipe business shrinking, and formed a larger effect on the north American plate market.
Gong sal said, the cause of the domestic steel prices tumbled in addition to the international oil prices fell, cheap imported steel prices are also important reasons, therefore urged the administration to raise import tariffs on steel as soon as possible.Last October, cliff natural resources lies in the large steel enterprise business negotiations to sell Bloom Lake, but failed to reach an agreement quickly.

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