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Pricing Summary of Construction steel mills for a week

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-02-15      Origin:Site

Domestic construction steel market prices continue to test this week, but the decline narrowed, producer prices for steel mills is also continue to fall.Points area, east China, central China, northeast, southwest is still down big, basic stagnation and northwestern region of supply and demand, the overall price is relatively stable, prices in north China super rebound fell.Specific terms, as prices of construction steel market all have fallen sharply, the domestic most of the short process large area production wave rolled products enterprises, enterprises also have cut their production and process, the overall market supply pressure relief, slightly parts price appear even the lows.In terms of market next week, as the Spring Festival approaches, the market demand has no imagination, local market prices or on different market mentality and continued fragmentation, appear or each other now.Bottom of all stripes on the one hand, as the capital of intervention, not rule out the possibility of years ago, empty rose, so must be alert to the holiday price high correction;Market demand, on the other hand, more than steel mill delivery, businesses are under pressure or continue to play to repatriate funds of funds, the spot price or is still weak.Together, next week is expected to market or performance differentiation, producer prices for steel mills continue to weak.

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