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Grade 316L (UNS S31603, EN 1.4404) is molybdenum-bearing austenitic stainless steels, which is more resistant to general corrosion and pitting/crevice corrosion than the conventional chromium-nickel austenitic stainless steels such as Grade 304. The low carbon chemistry of 316L combined with an addition of nitrogen enables 316L to meet the mechanical properties of 316.

Grade 316L is often utilized in process streams containing chlorides or halides. The addition of molybdenum improves general corrosion and chloride pitting resistance. It also offers higher creep, stress-to-rupture, and tensile strength at elevated temperatures. In addition to excellent corrosion resistance and strength properties, the Grade 316L Cr-Ni-Mo alloys also provide excellent fabricability and formability which are typical of the austenitic stainless steels.


Grade 316L may be considered for a wide variety of applications where one or more of the following properties are important:
Resists atmospheric corrosion, more resistant than Grade 304
Resists corrosion in polluted marine atmospheres
Heat Resistance
Heat Treatment
Prevention of product contamination
Resistance to oxidation
Easily welded and processed by standard shop fabrication practices.
Excellent formability
Hot and cold working
Beauty of appearance
Ease of cleaning
Good strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures
Ready availability of a wide range of product forms


Item C% Si% Mn% P% S% Ni% Cr% Mo% N% Others
Min   ---- --- ---- ----- 10 16 2 -----  ---
Max 0.03 0.75 2 0.045 0.03 14 18 3 0.1 ---- 
Item Tensile Test Hardness Test Bend Test
0.2%Y.S. 1%Y.S. T.S. EL (%) HRB HV 180
Min 205 --- 420 22 --- ---  
Max N/mm2 --- N/mm2 --- 88 200 1.0t


The high corrosion resistance of 316L allows for its use in widely range of industries, includes:
Food preparation equipment
Chemical processing for inks, rayons, photographic chemicals….
Laboratory benches and equipment
Rubber, plastics, pulp & paper machinery
Pollution control equipment
Boat fitting, value and pump trim
Heat exchangers
Pharmaceutical industries, surgical and medical implants, including pins, screws and orthopaedic implants
Condensers, evaporators and tanks
Architecture and marine applications

  • ASTM A240M – Chromium and Chromium – Nickel Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip for Pressure Vessels and for General Applications.
  • ASTM 480M – General Requirements for Flat Rolled Stainless and Heat-Resisting Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip
  • EN 10088-2 (1.4404) – Stainless Steel Technical delivery conditions for sheet, plate and strip of corrosion resisting steels for general purposes

  • Coil
  • Sheet
  • Strip

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